Tyler "Melee" Minton

 is an American professional mixed martial artist, exercise and nutrition coach, and entrepreneur,   Minton has proven to be a relentless and fearless competitor at both the Welterweight (170) at the Welterweight division since moving from amateur to professional in November of 2010.

Tyler, born Dec. 5, 1987, is a native of Bluff City, Tenn. His journey into mixed martial arts began as an overweight, unathletic adolescent. Tyler, despite competing in sports throughout his childhood, earned little attention from athletic coaches during his school career because of his size. Following high school, however, Minton used this lack of acknowledgement as motivation. He began researching exercise and nutrition, and, as a student, chose to study Nutrition. 

Perhaps more significantly, during college, Minton stumbled across a group of fellow students practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Intrigued, he decided to see what this art was all about by joining a local MMA facility. The rest, as they say, is history.

Minton soon realized that he had indeed found his calling.  He enjoyed a highly successful amateur career, closing with a 8-1 record highlighted by three division championships including the United States Middleweight Title, United States Southeastern Middleweight Title, and ISKA Tennessee State Middleweight Title.  His professional career, though still in its infancy, has been equally impressive.  Tyler's fan fare and extreme promotability have placed him in the cross hairs of the worlds finest promotions including the powerhouse of MMA, the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

In order to dedicate his entire life to the art, Tyler opened his own strength and conditioning facility, The Colosseum, in Johnson City, TN in May 2011.  Alongside his wife, Kelsey, Tyler has devoted his life to reaching his "ultimate" goal - an Ultimate Fighting Championship contract, and helping others in the pursuit of their highest goals.