James Krause (22-7), Fight of the Night, Submission of the Night

"Before Tyler and The Melee Way I would starve myself for weeks cutting weight. He now has my cuts down to a science which has made huge improvements in my quality of life during the cut. I am eating more, cuts are easier, and my performance during the competition is at an all time high. The Melee Way has made a drastic change in my MMA career."



Zak Cummings (18-4), Submission of the Night

"After spending my whole career fighting at 185 and 205, I decided once I signed with the UFC that I wanted to make my run at the Welterweight division. When I decided do go on this journey, I choose to put all my trust in my good friend Tyler Minton and The Melee Way to get me there. The Melee Way not only allows me to cut a substantial amount of weight by scientifically breaking down every bit of food, liquid and sleep I get throughout my camp but Tyler is also with me every step of the rehydration process after weigh ins to allow my body to perform at maximum capacity. He truly takes so much stress out of an extremely stressful part of this sport. Tyler is an expert in his field and also a loyal and trustworthy person everyone should want in their corner."
Tim Elliott (11-6), Submission of the Night, Titan FC Flyweight Champion

Chris Camozzi (22-10)

"Over the years I feel as though I have learned an easy way to cut down to 185. The "easy" way consisted of working out a lot and eating very little. It's not exactly the scientific approach and I think it often affected my performance.

Once I met Tyler (The Melee Way) he helped me come up with a program where I ate a lot more and barely worked out the week of the fight. I didn't have to hit big cardio workouts to make the weight and I was able to rest and heal my body even more. 

It was great having Tyler there the week of my fight to prepare all my meals and tell me what to eat and when to eat it. I wasn't hungry all week and at weigh ins I felt like it was just a normal day. I knew we did the cut right and it helped in the fight. 

I won a 3 round battle and I think being able to rest more that week helped me push through and get the win. The Melee Way is a huge new asset to my career."