Day 1 at Grindhouse MMA in Kansas City, MO

I'm just rounding out my first day of my fight camp here in KC and I am super excited about the level this gym will push me! First off, I'm very happy to be staying with my friend and fellow fighter Zak Cummings. Preparing for his UFC debut as well as his debut at Welterweight, it's excellent for us both to prepare with the same goal in mind. Our first session of the day (10:30am) was led by UFC vet James Krause, teaching various standup techniques and wrestling defense. When you walk into a gym and immediately see 3 UFC vets, as well as a handful from both Strikeforce and Bellator, you know you are in for a tough camp! I'm very happy that I learned several new techniques and methods today that weren't only beneficial, but ideal for my particular style of fighting. Our second training session (5:30pm) was taught by the gyms primary striking coach and consisted of some excellent defensive drills and sparring. All in all, I am 1 day into an amazing camp and cant wait to see how much I grow from this experience!