Shameless plug...

In my latest blog entry, I spoke about the changes I have made in my own life, and how recovery has played the most important role in my health renaissance.  Now, I'm not going to spend time trying to hock a product or get you to buy something so I can benefit from it.  I am however going to talk about a product that has inherently led to my ability to sleep better and wake up in the mornings without an aching back. 

My sponsoring Chiropractic office, Kind Chiropractic" produces a memory foam mattress known as the "ChiroSlumber" mattress.  While I hate to even mention the product "Tempu-Pedic" I do so only for you to understand the "type" of mattress I'm referring to.  While I have never owned the latter brand myself, I know that for me personally, the price of the "ChiroSlumber" along with personally knowing and fully trusting the owners made it a clear choice for me.  

I'm a big believer in ROI, or Return of Investment.  If I'm sacrificing my hard work or money into a product, I want to know that the ROI at the end makes it all worth while.  I average 3,285hrs a year in my bed sleeping.  It's important to understand that while you sleep, you aren't simply ending or separating your days, but rather spending time in your bodies most prime state for HGH (Human Growth Hormone) production and cortisol (makes you fat) blocking.  So, as someone who needs/wants to wakeup with my body primed to burn fat and recover, sleep is a pretty important factor!  A good quality mattress will last the user 10 years.  When I finally realized that I could purchase a product that would allow me to improve my training and life for the next 10 years for pennies a day ($0.35/day), you can imagine I saw my ROI as a good one!

As mentioned, I'm not trying to push a product that I've been hired to, or even get a kickback on for your purchase.  I'm simply telling you my own personal story and appreciation for a mattress that has allowed me to wake up after a night of deep sleep without pain in my back.  I know a lot of people have a hard time seeing the long term benefits of health related endeavors, so I wanted to illustrate to readers the small investment when compared to the large return.  I'm happy with my mattress and the rest and recovery it inherently provides and want others to know how easy it is to do the same!