Fight Camp: James Krause, UFC 178

I arrived in Kansas City, MO Wednesday, for the final weeks leading up to James Krause vs. Jorge Masdival for UFC 178. This camp will be the third fight I have worked with James on his diet and weight cut with the UFC Lightweight, and I always anticipate a great cut with the hard working athlete. At a month out, Krause would be looking at a 25lb weight cut in the final weeks of his camp- the weeks that require the the toughest, most grueling training for any preparing fighter.

Referred to by many as one of the largest Lightweights in the UFC, the goal of getting the 6'2" Krause down to his weight class is a challenge.  The goal is not just to make weight, but to do so without hunger, weakness, or fatigue- terms usually associated with cutting a 190lb man down to 155lbs in the matter of a couple months. Whats the use of fighting if you must sacrifice optimal performance in the weeks leading up to the fight due to your weight cut?

I've been fortunate enough to visit some of the nations most popular MMA gyms. Glory MMA and Fitness, owned by James Krause and located just outside of Kansas City in the small town of Lees Summit, MO is in my opinion an untapped gold mine of MMA training. In one week of training, fighters will find themselves completing a total of 50, 5 minute rounds of sparring on grappling on top of their learning, drills, and strength and conditioning. Don't let the aforementioned fool you into thinking these guys beat each other up day in and day out- The Glory MMA curriculum is well programmed and systematic, allowing fighters to peak at the perfect point.

As clearly seen, the greatest challenge lies in allowing "The" James Krause to eat enough to train at 100%, while still making his cut. Our plan is not to force Krause into losing the 25lbs over the course of weeks, but rather priming the body to allow us to bring this weight out quickly in the safest way possible, at the very last minute. In fact, weight loss is not necessarily the plan over the course of a fight camp. Our primary focus is to ensure that James' body is fully recovered, unstressed, and ready to get rid of excess fluids.

I could talk for days about the methods used to get some of the UFC's top athletes down to their fighting weight, but I have some chicken and spaghetti to eat with "The" James Krause!  Keep your eye out for more updates on this awesome camp, and be sure to tune into FOX Sports 1 to watch James Krause vs. Jorge Masdival!

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