Power Athlete HQ

Chances are, in the last 5 minutes someone on your social media newsfeed has posted a video of themselves displaying power in a gym. Long gone are the days of posting a faster "Fran" time or ones first kipping pull-up. These feats have since been exchanged for a celebration of moving heavy loads, often very quickly. In 2009 John Welbourn, NFL veteran and owner of CrossFit Balboa knew the importance of a broader base of strenth and power in developing athletes and created the CrossFit speciality programming known as "CrossFit Football". Don't let the name fool you- CrossFit Football is not only for football players, but rather those who wish to develop greater strength and power. With both strength and conditioning workouts posted each day for athletes to follow for free, CrossFit Football quickly became the destination for CrossFiters looking for a strength bias. 

As all unique snowflakes do, CrossFit Football athletes wanted more. They (we), desired a more in depth program to develop greater speed, explosiveness, and power. In response to athlete demands, or moreso a deeper calling to share a better cerebral understanding of programming than the rest, Welbourn released the training platform, "Power Athlete HQ". 


As an avid fan of CrossFit Football programming, I was excited to see what Power Athlete offered beyond the detail of its predecessor. Needless to say I have been more than happy with the program offerings of Power Athlete and have seen my strength numbers jump exponentially beyond what I felt possible in so short a time. I was hooked. I soon found myself planning a trip to visit the team behind the Power Athlete programming, located in Orange Country, California.

Upon meeting John Welbourn one thing immediately became clear- this man was not an average man. At a billed 6'5", 310lb, the once professional offensive lineman obviously practices that which he preaches and I felt immediately happy to know the man in charge was also a man among. During our 6:00am workouts at the private "Power Athlete Gym", John and partner (The) Luke Summers played oversized guinea pigs to their next cycle of training, aptly named "Jacked Street". As I spent my days with Welbourn, eating the same meals, keeping the same company, and doing the same workouts I was  reminded of the words by John Maxwell saying, "A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way". In a world full of "do as I say, not as I do" leadership, the outliers deserve praise. 

As I travel back to my own gym, clients and life, I return with a greater respect for the man in charge of my own workouts and sense of greater responsibility towards my own clientelle to lead from the front. After a week with the minds behind Power Athelte HQ, I can only wonder where our paralleled thoughts and processes will cross down the line... -Melee