The Melee Way is a system of improving human performance by way of ancestral health and human genetics. Our methods work to improve body composition, stress and general well being using the same principles that has allowed our species to thrive since inception.




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Weight Cut Specialist 

Tyler “Melee” Minton has earned recognition as one of the safest, most effective weight cut coaches in the world, garnishing fame for his successful cuts with many of the UFCs top athletes. A professional fighter himself, Tyler understands the mental struggles of a harsh weight cut and has dedicated his life to finding better solutions. Do you want eat great and stay hydrated all the way to the scale? Do you want to refuel your body in the most optimal way to produce energy, strength, and longevity after you step on the scale? We can show you how!




Weight Loss

The Melee Way has worked for hundreds of business professionals, students, weekend warriors, and athletes alike who desired to lose weight and feel great! Our methods are not only effective, but keep you well fed and full all day long. Check out some of our amazing weight loss testimonials here! 









Weight Gain

For many, the struggle to gain weight is one that is frustrating and seemingly impossible.  Gaining clean, healthy weight is not as simple as many would lead you to believe and simply eating everything you can is not the solution. Effectively gaining weight takes dedicated adherence to a scientifically approached plan. Tired of being known as the skinny guy or gal?  Our approach to gaining weight can change your life! 


Workout Program Design

There’s nothing worse than paying monthly to use a bunch of gym equipment that you don’t know how to use! Different fitness goals require different programs. We work with the equipment (or none) that you have, your routine, and goals to create the ultimate workout program for you!